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STATE FARM ABINGDON, VIRGINIA BUSINESS PLAN ! 1 Vision Vision We will be servant leaders to our customers while nurturing a mutually bene?cial lifelong relationship with them. Mission To be Washington
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what's the official day that you opened January 1st 2012 you know it's obvious in dears holiday and everything but I think I came in we were a couple of policy so probably January 2nd 20 2012 and was it a one-man show opening day no so starting from scratch with State Farm this is just background information yeah for the readers but you can you can inherit a book of business or you can start from scratch Wood State Farm if you inherit a book a business obviously there's revenue that comes with that if you don't State Department gives you some supplemental payments for five years I call them kind of training wheels that allow me to have a decent office and the staff to kind of get up and running okay you're not going to get rich off of that but it's enough that you can scale up reasonably quickly so is me and three people okay all right I'll come back to that yes second so well do you still have to rely on that or have you built your book of business to the point that you are now officially young your main wheels drop so it's the first five years it tapers off such that last year your vibe was hardly anything it was just a tiny amount but every year my income even as the amount went down my income went up so I was outpacing what statement yes you need to get the results and ultimately it's my name on the sign I'm accountable for those results but going back I wish I could have learned more quickly how important it is to achieve results in partnership through other people coaching developing training them not using them but empowering them to get the get the job done because there's only so much that I can do myself yeah okay name some of the most important things you've learned about running a business and if someone came to you and said I want to start a business Kevin tell me tell me that tell me the things that I need to know okay um I think there's no there are no substitutes for hard work and determination I never sold anything before I did this and it's a very much of a sales job and I don't I still don't consider myself a good sales person honestly but I am probably more determined than anybody else that I know and so then I know and so I think having that grit determination hard work perseverance really there's no substitute for that I think it will depend on the industry but I think a lot of people with the work not glorify but they romanticize debt business debt you know I just took out a line of credit and I'm a house or bla bla bla bla bla like Oh everybody does that and I I didn't I mean I had money that I was able to invest in that but I paid myself all that back within the first year lived very modestly I'm still do but live very moderate modestly and I don't have any business debt and I you know each person situation is different and you know I was fortunate that we had some money saved up and everything but we didn't do anything crazy and I...
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